Historic day at the French Open 2017. Nadal got his DECIMA

Historic day at the French Open 2017. Nadal got his DECIMA

Since 1998.

TWS Tennis Tours (Travels With Soha Inc) was established in May of 1998 in San Francisco, California.

TWS is a high-end, tour operator and a custom design travel company that specializes in putting together exceptional trips to Grand Slam Tennis tournaments. Travel and tennis Tournaments have always been Soha’s passion. She has very high standards for real luxury travel but with an unpretentious style.

Soha was educated in France, Switzerland and the United States. She speaks four languages fluently and is crazy about travelling. She visits European and the South Pacific countries several times per year, so she can stay on top of new trends. Always on the look out, she knows where to be, what to do and what to see.

Soha escorts and manages her small group tours to the French Open in Paris and the Australian Open in Melbourne and offers every top-notch service available in both continents.

Soha’s reputation as a travel agent is solidly built on personal referrals from those who have thoroughly enjoyed her services. Well-connected, she works only with select organizations and handpicked experts in each city, which are known to provide the highest quality service. Soha only believes in small group or private luxury travel. She dedicates a huge amount of time to design extraordinary trips with unparalleled value and just the way her customers like it.

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Nikki & Cassie


TWS Tour desk in Melbourne