How to buy French Open tennis tickets

French Open is intimate, elegant and beautiful. And just because it is in Paris, it makes the event even more special. In early days you could walk up to the window near the main gate and buy tickets for the very same day. Later on, you could find any type of tennis ticket on the street around Roland Garros. This was never legal but the law was not enforced. Now those days are long gone. Tickets are never sold at the window and French Open tickets have become the hottest grand slam tennis ticket . Also, France loves its tennis and has the oldest and smallest venue among the four, so finding tickets is not very easy.

Fortunately, the French Federation finally decided to crack down on the black market, and buying tickets from ticket brokers or on the street has become very risky and unlawful. In the last 5 years, I have seen many people haggling with French officials because access has been denied and  their tickets have been confiscated. I have seen scalpers handcuffed by the police . So the best advice I could give you is to get your tickets legally. Here is how do you could do that.

Order your tickets from French Open Official website.
French Open has different booking periods for local French Federation members and general public. You must find out when tickets are released for public. When tickets get released,  you must be prompt and diligent, as tickets vanish within the first few hours. These tickets are electronic and will be issued in the buyers name. The buyer must show picture ID at the gate and the name on the ticket has to match it. Please remember to register and obtain an account on the French Open website prior to the ticket release date. You must log in so you could order your tickets on line. You could buy 4 tickets per person and only 2 for the semi or final rounds. Couple weeks prior to the tournament, French Open allows people to resell their unwanted tickets at face value on their own site.

French Open Ticket types & categories:
French Open offers the following tickets in Corporate Box seats, Category 1 and Category 2 seating in the 3 stadiums:

  • 1-Phillipe Chatrier ( Center Court )

  • 2- Suzanne Lenglen

  • 3-Outside courts

  • Please note category 1 is lower level and category 2 is in the upper level of the stadiums.

    PremiumTickets sold by official agents.
    Often, people are not able to get tickets through French Open website. In that case, the second best choice would be to contact an official agency which could offer travel packages with official premium tickets. Official agents only sell category1 or corporate box seats with hospitality for Center Court ( Chatrier) and Suzanne Lenglen. Category 2 tickets and grounds passes must be purchased from French Open website. This means that all category 2 stadium seats or grounds passes purchased on line could be confiscated by French Open officials at the main gates. A list of those agencies could be found on French Open website.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please contact me for any additional information.
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