How to buy Wimbledon tickets

Wimbledon is known to be the most prestigious tennis tournament of all time. Players have always dreamt of lifting that specific trophy and fans have fallen for its elegant style and tradition.

The tournament has the smallest number of attendance among the four grand slam tournaments. Wimbledon does not depend on sponsorship, and its grounds and courts are free of any type of advertising. Beautiful Rolex Clocks indicating  match times are the only exception. Wimbledon source of income comes from its Debenture tickets. Wimbledon issues debentures every 5 years. Debentures could legally be sold and  transferred. Unfortunately, this policy has created a legal black market for Wimbledon premium tickets. You could find these tickets easily in the market but must be willing to pay exorbitant prices. Please use caution in sourcing your provider.

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Here are the options for buying Wimbledon tickets :

Wimbledon issues a small allocation for the public through a ballot system. The ballot system translates in to a lottery system. You must register well in advance to test your luck. You are not able to choose your session nor the stadium. The ballot opens up first for UK residents and the foreign category at a later date. That is why your chances are very small if you live outside of UK.

Wimbledon issues a very small number of tickets on daily basis. So if you are willing , you could go the night before and wait in the queue. A steward would give you a card with a number at 7:30 am. You may then hope for getting 1 ticket for yourself.

3-Evening tickets:
After 3:00 Pm, people who leave would drop their tickets in a red box. Those tickets are resold and money goes to charity. Please note you must be inside the grounds to have access to those tickets.

4- Debenture Tickets:
The Wimbledon Tennis Championships, have issued access to 2 seats for the duration of the tournament to debenture holders. These debentures are valid for 5 years. Debenture holders have permission to sell their tickets through a third party. Unfortunately, this procedure has increased ticket prices out of proportion as debenture tickets could be exchanged legally through brokers and the black market. Use caution in selecting your provider.

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